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Storage SpaceAny company that wants to save room in its warehouse, office, or store can benefit from using a storage space. Many companies working in specific industries, however, find that they need storage spaces more than those in other industries. If your business falls within this group, then you should consider renting a storage space as soon as possible.


Whether you work with HVAC systems, plumbing, or roofs, contractors almost always benefit from extra storage space.

You probably have tools and materials that you rarely use. But you need to keep them on hand for special jobs. Keeping these items at a storage space frees room in your warehouse. When you need to use the special tool, just drop by the storage space to get it.


Retail stores don’t always have enough warehouse space to store merchandise and publicity materials. That’s especially true around holidays, when the typical merchandise gets replaced by holiday-themed items.

Instead of trying to cram things into a small warehouse space, you can have an employee put then in your self-storage space.

When you decide that you need that merchandise on your shelves, just retrieve it and put it in the store.

Storage spaces are also great for storing decorations that you only use on special occasions. Why let them make your warehouse cluttered all year when you could just stow them in your storage space?

Film Makers

Film makers often have wide ranges of cameras, microphones, and other equipment. They don’t use each piece during every shoot. Many of those pieces have been specially made to fit the needs of specific shoots.

Since film makers don’t need the expensive items all the time, they can use a storage space to keep them safe. It’s safer to use a storage space than an old closet at your facility because the storage center offers enhanced security features.

Interior and Office Designers

Interior designers might have paintings, desks, chairs, beds, and all other types of furniture and decorations that they need to make their clients’ homes look great. The same goes for office designers, who usually have several desks, lamps, couches, and other items used in offices.

It’s nearly impossible to keep all of this furniture in a single office, even if you have a lot of storage space. That’s why you need a storage center that lets you keep furniture safe until you need it for a job.

Plenty of businesses need storage spaces. How would a storage space benefit your business?

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Renting Storage UnitsIf you have ever thought about renting a self-storage unit, you may have wondered whether it would offer the advantages that you need. Here are some of the top benefits of renting a self-storage unit. If they appeal to you, then it’s time to get your own unit.

#1: Save Room at Home

Many homes and offices lack the storage space families need to keep their belongings safe. By renting a self-storage unit, you get to store rarely-used items in a safe environment. That leaves more room at home so you don’t feel cramped.

#2: Better Security

Self-storage units have security features that will prevent thieves from taking your items. At Security Storage, you get the advantage of:

  • A computer-controlled access gate that only lets you and other tenants in
  • Heat sensors that sound an alarm when suspicious characters enter secure areas

To get that kind of security at home, you’d have to hire guards to walk your home and yard 24/7. Renting a self-storage unit gives you heightened security without extravagant costs.

#3: Access to Moving Supplies

When you want to move heavy or cumbersome objects, your self-storage unit company gives you access to supplies that will make the job easier. You don’t have to break your back carrying an old, heavy television. Put that heavy item on a dolly or cart so you can take it to your unit easily.

The next time you want to retrieve it, you can do the same. It’s a lot safer than trying to carry heavy items up a flight of basement stairs.

#4: Store Items for Your Business

Your business probably has merchandise and pieces of equipment that it only uses once in a while. You don’t want those items taking up precious room at your warehouse, storefront, or office. Self-storage will help you solve that problem by giving you a secure place to store items away from your commercial property. When you need to access it, you just visit your storage unit at any time of day or night.

This often comes in handy for:

  • Contractors who had tools they only use on rare occasions
  • Retail stores that want to store promotional items, mannequins, and other items that would otherwise get in the way
  • Any business that wants added security to protect its most valuable assets

Whether you own a home or a business, renting a self-storage unit offers several benefits. Which benefit appeals to you most?

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Storing ElectronicsWhen electronics get old, you might want to put them into storage instead of recycling. If you decide to store them, you should prepare the items carefully. What you do now could help your electronics stay in perfect condition during long-term storage. Making the wrong preparations could put your electronics in jeopardy.

Cover Electronics in Cotton, Not Plastic

You want to cover your electronics to prevent dust from building up on and inside them. Many people automatically assume that plastic makes a great cover. It’s cheap and easy to use, so why not?

There’s actually a very good reason to choose cotton over plastic. Plastic gives moisture a chance to build up inside your electronics. Even if the moisture doesn’t turn into mold or mildew, it can negatively affect the performance of your electronics.

Cotton covers let air and moisture pass through. That will keep your electronics safer while they sit in storage.

Keep Them Off the Floor

You do not want your electronics sitting on a storage unit’s floor. Even if your unit isn’t on the first floor or a basement, water could still damage your items.

This doesn’t happen often, but it’s possible. Imagine a flash flood that brings water into your storage unit before anyone can stop it. If your electronics are on the ground, then they will get soaked. If they are on shelves or tables, then they are safe.

Broken water pipes can also cause a flood. Again, you want your electronics off the floor so they are better protected from standing water.

Choose Strong Storage Boxes

It might seem perfectly natural to use cardboard boxes that you get for free from a liquor store or grocery. In some cases, that’s all you need. When putting electronics in long-term storage, though, you should go a step further by purchasing boxes that have been specifically designed for the job.

Storage boxes have thick materials that keep items safe. Some of them are made from cardboard, but the cardboard has been designed to withstand impact, water, and other unforeseen circumstances.

If you want to keep your electronics secure for several months or years, then you need to skip those flimsy cardboard. Choose a real storage box instead.

What other precautions do you take when storing electronics for long periods of time? If you have tips other than those mentioned above, share them so more people can keep their electronics safe during long-term storage.

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Paper Document StoragePaper documents will start to decay over time. Preparing them for storage, however, can significantly extend their lives. This is important for anyone who needs to store legal documents, family photographs, and other items that they want to last for many years.

Use Acid-free Folders and Dividers

Acid-free paper tolerates age much better than cheaper types of paper. When organizing paper documents for storage, place them between pieces of acid-free paper. You should also place them in an acid-free folder.

Remove Paperclips and Staples

You do not want any paperclips or staples in your paper documents. Remove them as carefully as you can before placing them in storage. It’s best to use a micro-spatula to remove the items. Do not use a staple remover. They damage paper too easily.

If you want to attach documents to each other, then you should place a piece of acid-free paper between each page. Then, place the group between two pieces of archival paper. You can place a paperclip on the outside of the archival paper. It will accept any damage from the paperclip instead of letting your documents get hurt.

Store Documents Flat if Possible

If possible, it helps to store your documents flat. If you have to place them in a file cabinet or box, make sure that each folder has support that takes pressure off of the documents.

Choose a Cool, Dry Place

You want to store your documents in a place with clean, circulating air that avoids all temperature extremes. You never want your documents to get too hot or too cold.

Try to find a storage space with a temperature between 15.5 and 21 degrees Celsius (60 – 70 degrees Fahrenheit). The best storage facilities will have relative humidity between 40 and 50 percent.

Using a storage unit with climate control can help keep documents in good condition.

Keep Documents Away From Light

Light will slowly cause paper to decay and become brittle. It’s best to choose a storage location where natural light will never touch your documents. In fact, you should limit exposure to all kinds of light. Only access the documents when you really need them. Just a few hours of exposure to light can cause damage.

Now that you know some tips for keeping documents safe, do you feel more comfortable putting your documents in long-term storage? What other tips would you use to keep your paper documents in good condition?

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Motorcycle Out Of StorageTo motorcycle enthusiasts, nothing compares to the thrill of riding their bike on a warm day, with the wind in their hair. What’s not so fun? Riding a motorcycle on a cold, blustery day or during a rainstorm. That’s why during the winter months, many smart motorcycle owners opt to store their bikes in garages and storage lockers to protect them against the harsher elements.

Once the warmer weather has arrived, you’ll likely be pulling your motorcycle out of storage and back onto the road. However, it won’t be as easy as turning it on and riding off. There are some things to do first to get your bike back in top riding shape.

Inspect the battery

As you may have learned from experience, leaving your bike alone for just a few weeks can result in a dead battery, so imagine what happens after it is left in storage for months. The cold weather causes motorcycle batteries to lose their charge quickly. A way to avoid this is to use a “trickler charger,” which offers a low rate of charge and shuts off when a full charge is reached to avoid damaging the battery.  If you didn’t, you’ll likely need a new battery.

Check and fill your tires

There’s a good chance that your tires will have deflated during storage as a result of the cold weather and dry environment of most storage units. Simply check your tires’ air pressure and refill them, but make sure to check for punctures before hitting the road.

Check the Fuel

After a few months in storage, the fuel in the motorcycle may start to gunk up. This can cause problems when riding it on the streets for the first time. You can use a fuel stabilizer to prevent this from happening. This will keep your fuel clean. If you don’t use one, it’ll result in a lot more work for you. You’ll have to go through the trouble of draining all the gas from the tank and fuel lines and the carburetor, too, if your bike has one.

Change your oil

If your motorcycle has been in storage for more than a few months, you’ll want to change both the oil and filter – even if you did an oil change before putting the bike in storage. This is because oil starts to degrade once it has been sitting for a while. You’ll also want to check your brake fluid, hydraulic clutch fluid, and coolant. If any levels are low, top them off with fresh fluid.

Check Tires

Tires typically tend to stand up well to cold weather, but in some cases, cracks and flat spots can appear after a few cold months in storage. In addition, the tire pressure can decrease a little, so be sure your tires are fully inflated before taking it for its first warm weather ride.

Inspect Electronics

If your bike was in good shape when you stored it, it should be okay once you start it up again but just to be sure, inspect all bulbs, reflectors, gears, and odometer/computer controls. Don’t take the risk of going out for a ride without a working signal.

Take it Slow

Even if your bike is in the best condition, this doesn’t matter if you’re unable to control it well. If you haven’t been out riding for months, it’s always a good idea to take it slow, and ease into your bike by taking a few slow spins around the block before hitting the high-way at full-speed.

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Storage LockerPeople often judge each other based on what they have inside and outside their home. Too much clutter can give others the impression that you are messy or disorganized. This is especially true when it comes time to sell the home.

Potential homebuyers are turned off by a home that has too much clutter. It makes a home seem dirty, which is not the impression you want to make if you want to sell your home quickly. That’s why it’s a good idea to temporarily store unnecessary items when you hold open houses.

There are a few options you can turn to if you have a large amount of stuff to hide, but using a storage locker may be your best bet. A storage locker can be used to store your things while you are selling your home. This can help decrease the time it takes for you to sell your home while making a good impression on potential homebuyers.

Why Less is More

When selling a home, less is more. When homebuyers look your home, they want to picture themselves living there. Having a cluttered home makes it harder for them to picture their stuff in your home. Furthermore, when there is a large amount of clutter in any home, it can seem smaller than it actually is. If your home is small to begin with, removing the excess clutter can help it seem much bigger.

Keeping your home minimally furnished will help you sell your home faster. Home buyers will better be able to imagine themselves living in the home, and it will make your home seem as roomy as possible.

What Are Your Options?

How can you get rid of excess stuff in your home before putting it on the market? Here are some of your options:

  • Moving sale – If you have items you absolutely do not need and are willing to part with, you can hold a yard sale. It’s a win-win situation – you get rid of clutter while making a little extra cash.
  • Another property – Some people have another property where they can temporarily store clutter. You may even be able to enlist the help of a friend who has room for your extra stuff.
  • Storage locker – If you don’t have another property, this may be the most viable option. Storage lockers come in a variety of sizes and are affordably priced. For example, a 10 foot by 20 foot storage unit may cost around $60 a month – a small investment when you need to sell your home quickly. They also have flexible terms, so you can rent one even if you only need it for a month or two. There’s no long-term commitment required.

Another benefit of using a storage locker is that, the actual move will be much easier. Your stuff will already be packed in boxes and ready to be shipped. It makes sense to do a bit of preparation long before the actual move day, and if you’re like thousands of other people, you wait until the last possible moment to get everything packed into boxes and moved into the new home. If you already have everything packed and ready to go, you’ll have less stress to deal with on moving day, and you might even be closer to your new home.

A storage locker is an investment that can make your life easier and less stressful when you are considering selling your home. It can help you get top dollar for your home as well.

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Store Sensitive DocumentsWe all have important documents that we would like to keep safe for a long period of time – maybe even for future generations. These can include birth certificates, marriage licenses, property titles, deeds and old books. Keeping them at home may not be the best option, especially in a humid climate. Moisture can cause paperwork to deteriorate, ruining your beloved documents.

That’s why the ideal situation is to store your sensitive documents in a storage unit. Most storage units, such as Security Storage in Toronto, offer many amenities, such as 24/7 security and a climate controlled environment, to protect your cherished possessions.

Climate Controlled Environment

A climate controlled environment keeps the temperature at an ideal setting throughout the year. In places where the weather is cold, heat may be needed to prevent cracking. If the weather is too hot, mildew and yellowing can occur, which means that air conditioning may be required.

Most storage facilities offer some sort of protection against the elements, but it may not be enough to keep your documents safe. Be sure to ask the facility about its offerings. Who adjusts the settings? If you feel the unit is too hot or too cold, can you change the settings yourself? If you have just a few items that need special protection, can you rent some shelving or cabinets instead of an entire unit?


Security is also important when storing sensitive documents. You’ll want to keep them free from prying eyes and away from thieves, since a stranger who gets a hold of this information can potentially commit an identity theft crime. The facility should have a secure gate and fencing around the property. In addition, there should be some sort of security measure in place on the property 24/7. Surveillance cameras and monitored access are other features that storage facilities offer to keep your possessions safe.

Even if you use a storage facility, you may still want to purchase filing boxes and cabinets to store the documents while they are in storage. The boxes should be waterproof, fireproof and moisture-proof.

Safely Store Your Prized Possessions

Security Storage has state-of-the-art technology in place to keep your documents and other possessions in a safe and secure environment free of moisture and other things that can cause damage. Give us a call at (416) 421-6630 to learn more about the various storage options we offer.

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Storage SolutionSome of us have too much stuff and not enough room to store it. That’s why we look to storage facilities to provide us with extra space for a temporary period of time – until we can move into a larger space or sell some unnecessary items.

There are many storage options to choose from. Although price and availability are often huge factors in a decision, convenience and ease of access are important to many people too, especially those who need to add or remove items from storage often. That’s why Security Storage is the ideal storage solution for those who live in the Greater Toronto Area.

Location, Location, Location

Security Storage is conveniently located just five minutes from downtown Toronto on Beth Nealson Drive. It is also a quick drive from Leaside, and East York and other nearby neighborhoods. This is important to businesses who may use our facilities as extra storage space for office supplies, inventory and other items that are not always in use. Location is also important for those who are renovating their homes and need to temporarily store household items. Homeowners can quickly swing by and drop off or pick up items from their storage unit rather than drive a far distance away, which can cost extra gas, time and money.

Proximity also allows access. Security Storage is open 24/7, even on holidays, so you can access your unit any time of the day. You don’t have to worry about taking time off work or rushing to get to your storage unit before it closes. For added convenience, you can even book a unit online.

Other Amenities

Security Storage is one of the largest storage facilities in the entire country. We offer a security gate and security guards onsite at all times, so you can breathe easier knowing that your possessions are secure. We offer 1,500 units of various sizes, so we can accommodate virtually anyone’s needs. We also have long-term storage available as well as discount prices for students. Security Storage also offers insurance and moving supplies, so everything you need is at your fingertips – the ultimate in convenience.

Get Storage and Convenience at a Low Price

Security Storage has served numerous clients in the Toronto area for more than three decades. We can provide you with storage options – large and small – to fit your needs. Call us today at (416) 421-6630 and you can even get your first month free.

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Self StorageSo you’ve decided to rent a unit in a self-storage facility… Congratulations, we’re positive that you’re going to be happy with your decision! That is, as long as you prepare yourself and your possessions for storage the right way. Luckily, we at Security Storage are here to provide you with some advice on doing exactly that. Let’s get started, shall we?

Sell and Donate

There’s a good chance that if you’re planning on moving boxes upon boxes of your possessions to offsite storage, at least some of your items are things that you simply don’t need any more and most likely won’t ever use again. For this reason, we recommend going through all of your items before shoving them into your storage unit and decide whether it’s something you need to keep. If it‘s not, consider donating it, or even better—sell it!

This will provide you with more room for storage, and the profits you make from selling your odds and ends can even offset some of your rental costs.

Start Clean

You might think it’s a waste of time to make sure your possessions are shiny and clean only to store them away where nobody can see them, but the opposite is true. Leaving dust and dirt on your items for long periods of time can permanently discolour and damage your things, and also makes them more susceptible to mildew and bacteria.

For this reason, it’s of utmost importance that you thoroughly clean all of your things with a vacuum, duster, and damp rag before locking them away…and it’s not a bad idea to repeat these steps every few months if you’re going to be storing them for extended periods.


It might be tempting to throw all of your odds and ends into storage as fast as possible to get them out of your way, but spending a bit of extra time organizing your things will be more than worth it in the long run.

For starters, pack your items according to different categories, and label their boxes so that you don’t have to spend hours sifting through your storage unit to find those seasonal decorations or your camping gear when the time comes. Even better, make an inventory map of where in your locker each box is left to keep track of where everything is without lifting a finger.

Trust us. Yes we know it’d be easier to skip our advice entirely, but as tempting as it may be, it will make things much more difficult down the road. Plan ahead! Sell and donate what you don’t need, tidy and clean the rest, and organize it all before shutting that storage unit door. You’ll thank us later!

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Your Storage UnitAlmost everybody would benefit from offsite self-storage in some way. The only thing stopping most people is the price tag attached. After all, it can be hard to justify spending $50-$200 a month on extra storage when you’re already spending a small fortune on mortgage payments or rent. What most people don’t realize however, is how easy it is to turn change your storage unit from an expenditure, to a means of profit. Got your attention? Keep reading.

Personal Use

Store Now, Sell Later

How many have you held onto old games and toys, collectible chinaware, or vintage clothing for years in hopes that it will be worth more in the future, only to eventually toss it out or sell it at your next garage sale because you simply don’t have room for it? Three words: don’t do it! Vintage and antique items have never been trendier, and there’s a good chance that your odds and ends will be worth significantly more money in a few years. If you don’t have space to keep them in your home, simply place them in offsite storage and watch your profits multiply.

Retail Use

Store Seasonal Items

If you’ve ever ran your own, or even just worked at a retail store, you know how frustrating it is to deal with out-of-season stock. In the blink of an eye it’s summer, and you’ve still got racks and racks of knitted sweaters and parkas cluttering up your store. Instead of cutting profit margins by getting rid of excess stock in clearance sales, put it in an off-site storage unit for a few months, and bring it out again when it’s back in season!

Store Excess Stock

On a similar note, offsite storage is a great place to keep excess stock even if it is in season. Rent on retail spaces in high traffic areas can be exorbitant—especially if you’re looking for a space large enough to both sell and store. Save your money and retail space by keeping extra stock in a self-storage unit and transporting it to the store as you need it.


Save Working Space

Small and large business alike waste tonnes of money by renting out office space that they don’t really need, just for the purpose of storing unused electronics and files. Rather than keeping these items in high-demand and high-rent office-space, keep it in a storage unit! You’ll have more room to work, and most importantly, you’ll save money.

Convinced yet? Thought so. And to think, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to making a profit off of your storage unit!