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Storage LockerThe term entrepreneurship has taken on many different meanings, in the storage locker industry, one can very much make themselves into one.

Foreclosed and forgotten storage lockers have become a big hit to make dollars off of for people as seen on television’s “Storage Wars”. But it’s not just finding a locker that can generate revenue, owning a unit can be a great business investment.

Here are seven steps to becoming a tycoon by using the storage industry:

  1. Owning a storage locker comes at a price, a monthly price. Dedicating the space to holding things that can be flipped and sold off to cover the monthly cost at least is a step in the right direction. Enough of this will turn to profit.
  2. Inventory for a small business is often limited in terms of space; therefore having a storage unit is great benefit. Why fork over a lot of cash to have a larger location of business when you can pay a monthly fee (especially paid off by your products)
  3. Retail businesses like gardens come with the difficulty of changing seasons. In the retail industry goods are often only good for a quarter or two in the year so having the storage space to load up on and store extra or unsold goods is a good way to combat these changes.
  4. If you’re a larger company, you almost always expect to take a loss when renting out space for storage. Storage space is often used for things that don’t go to use like old hardware, excess furniture and documents. It’s more productive and financially beneficial to rent a storage space outside of the business location.
  5. The auction, pawning and reselling industry is greater than it’s ever been. With websites like Amazon, Kijiji, Craigslist, and eBay the world is one’s clientele. Jus because you haven’t sold something doesn’t mean it is of no value or belongs in the waste. Having a storage locker is a good way to keep a product that you aren’t using, but possibly will in the future.
  6. Even large companies like to nickel and dime, there’s no better method of doing that than in the mobile sales industry. People use their smartphones seemingly every second and having things like apps and links for people to use on their phones for your business makes sense. Using a storage locker to use as a smaller and temporary business hub to field and distribute products is another smart way to save money and generate money on the fly.
  7. No matter the size of the business, small or large, there is great benefit in investing in a storage unit. The demand for space on a permanent or short-term level makes no difference, having a storage locker makes any issue easy to overcome as it increases flexibility and profitability. Small businesses can have the space that they otherwise couldn’t afford and larger ones increase room for cheap.

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