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Self Storage Moving Tips

Security Self-Serve Storage has been serving Toronto for more than 30 years. Experience has taught us some tips and tricks for making sure your move is as smooth as possible:

Packing Tips:

  • Stress-busting:
    • Begin packing a couple weeks in advance of your move. Moving is often described as one of the most stressful life experiences – alongside ending a relationship or starting a new job – so try to reduce the stress as much as possible.
  • Money-saving:
    • Moving can also be expensive. For one thing, it’s not cheap to buy new cardboard boxes. Instead, stop by a local grocery store or other big retailers in your neighbourhood. They throw out piles of cardboard boxes practically every day. Ask one of the employees if they have any extra ones. If they’ve already cut the tape and flattened out the box, you can easily put it back together, good as new, using some packing tape. Boxes for big appliances like ovens and fridges are especially useful.
    • It’s common sense that fragile items like mirrors and pictures in glass frames need to be wrapped and handled carefully. You can avoid spending money on tissue paper or bubble wrap by reusing old newspapers or junk mail to wrap things up. Old clothes can also serve this purpose.
  • Avoid accidents:
    • When moving drawers, tape them shut so they won’t go flying.
    • Use Saran Wrap to cover the tops of liquid soap or anything else that might spill – and then put the tops on over the wrap.
    • Separate and mark clearly fragile items and heavy items. While you’re at it, you can note what room the box should end up in. A colour-coding system with different kinds of tape can help (pink for the kitchen, blue for the kid’s bedroom, etc.) Put the corresponding colour on the door of the room so everyone knows what goes where.
    • Plates are less likely to break if you pack them vertically – sort of like vinyl records – in a tightly-fitting box.
  • Convenience:
    • If you have any clear plastic boxes, these should contain the belongings you’ll need first when you start to unpack – like maybe some instant coffee and a kettle.
    • And speaking of convenience, remember to keep an overnight bag with essentials like contact lenses or glasses, a change of clothes, and the charger for your phone.
    • List the contents of each box or categorize each box for easy search and find.
    • Keep some sandwich bags nearby for screws – like for curtain rods – and other odds and ends. Then tape the bag to the curtain rod so it won’t get lost.
    • Try using boxes with little variation in size, since it’s easier to stack boxes of the same size.
    • Store brooms, rakes, shovels, and garden tools in an empty garbage bin.
  • Storage Tips:
    • To conserve space (though our lockers are large and affordable) dismantle furniture and wrap the legs together.
    • Items with engines should be drained of their gasoline and oil.
    • Oil bike chains and tools to protect against rust.
    • Cover your mattresses with a plastic to avoid damage.
  • Organization Tips:
    • Lay down cardboard or wooden pallets on the floor of your locker.
    • Organize for space and access. Leave yourself room to move around and access your stored items.
    • Create an on-going map of where everything is located and in what section of the locker.
    • Stack boxes containing similar objects together.
    • Keep items you will most frequently need to retrieve towards the front of the locker for ease.

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