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Business Self-Storage Units

Security Self-Serve Storage has been providing businesses in the GTA with the custom storage solutions for more than 30 years. Whether it’s storing seasonal items in the off-season, or simply finding an affordable and secure storage unit to park over-stock items, Security Self-Serve Storage can easily facilitate any amount of products for any length of time. Keep reading to learn how we can be part of the success story for your business.

Challenges for entrepreneurs

Big corporations usually operate warehouses the size of football fields. But small businesses owners lacking storage space often stock their products at home. But the storage space available in your garage or basement is limited, and placing your products in these spaces may expose them to mildew or mold. You can liberate this personal storage space while growing your business by placing your stock in one of our affordable storage units.

Meet customer demand

Succeeding in a competitive marketplace means having adequate stock on-hand before demand reaches its peak – you need enough chocolates at Valentine’s Day or backpacks at the beginning of the school year are two examples. That means that affordable storage is crucial factor in the success of your small business in order to meet customer demand without blowing your budget.

Expand your storage capacity

Having extra space for your goods helps small businesses get the best deals from wholesalers. When bulk sellers are liquidating their stocks at the end of the year, small businesses can benefit by getting deep discounts on merchandise. By renting storage space, you can take advantage of these deals.

When your storage space has reached its limit, you can generally rent an additional unit or upgrade to a larger area at our affordable storage facility. Growing your business means taking advantage of deals as they appear, and for that you need expandable storage capacity.

E-commerce solutions

Online trade has boomed in recent years as the Internet has allowed entrepreneurs to market their wares globally. These operations often start in an entrepreneur’s home, but require more space as business grows. Stocking products in a self-storage unit is a common solution. E-commerce operators generally schedule regular trips to the storage facility to pick up items for shipment.

Self-storage is a great way to keep your products organized while keeping overhead costs low. Since several storage unit sizes are available, it’s possible to expand according to the needs of your business. That means you never have to scale down your operation for lack of storage capacity.


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