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Personal Self-Storage Units

A personal storage unit can serve as a safe haven for all of your belongings, whether you’re moving or simply require more space than your home provides. Here are some common scenarios:

Solutions for people on the move

In some cases, our customers have sold their first home and are preparing to move. But if closing dates don’t coincide, they may find themselves seeking short-term storage facilities while leasing a smaller house or apartment.  In this situation, an affordable storage unit is a good solution that allows for ready access when you’re ready to complete your move.

For people based in Toronto who frequently work abroad or travel for long durations, a storage unit is a also a practical solution. Instead of maintaining an apartment in Toronto, many people opt to place their belongings in an affordable storage unit until their return.

Students pursuing a degree outside of Toronto frequently rent a storage locker to store their belongings until they return to the GTA. In other cases, students at universities and colleges in Toronto need storage space while completing a summer internship outside of the city. In these cases, it’s cheaper and more convenient to rent a storage unit for a few months than to replace basic furniture and household items like kitchenware after each move. 

Collections and hobbies

Hobbyists and collectors may find that an affordable storage locker provides the extra space they need to pursue their interests. For those whose interests have outgrown the available space in their apartment or house, this is a great choice.

Motor enthusiasts may use a storage unit for spare vehicle parts and tools. Vehicle collectors may rent storage units for their vintage automobiles. During winter, a storage locker may also house your motorboat, fishing gear, and other marine equipment.

Our high-security facilities are also appropriate for the storage of works of art such as paintings and statues. Musical equipment may also be stored in our facilities, including loudspeakers and other electronic gear or bulky instruments like pianos and drum kits.

Others who accumulate hundreds of books or vinyl records often find their collections have surpassed the space on their shelves. And placing boxes of material in your private basement, garage, or shed could be risky – these areas are frequently characterized by changes in temperature and humidity that could damage your collections, or even invite an invasion of mold. The best solution, aside from moving into a bigger house, may be to manage your collection in a secure storage locker.

Files and documents

People who maintain extensive records may find that a personal storage locker is an excellent solution for their needs. Our units are appropriate for the storage of sensitive files, including receipts and other tax-related or financial data. Some clients prefer to have copies of important physical documents stored away from their house in case of a fire or natural disaster.

Irreplaceable albums of photographs, letters, and scrapbook collections often find a safe home in one of our affordable storage lockers. We understand the sentimental value these objects have, and keeping them safe is our priority.


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