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Keep Your Storage Unit AccessibleIf you’ve ever watched the hit reality show “Storage Wars”, you certainly know that storage units often contain a lot of junk.  Although a lot of valuables may lurk underneath, one thing is for sure:  Storage units can fill up quickly and become a very disorganized place. 

It can be extremely tough to find items in your storage locker when it is brimming with your belongings.  But you can ensure that always remains accessible by following a few organizational tips before you start filling the space.

One of the most important things to remember is that a storage locker is not a garbage bin.  You should only store items that you plan on using again at a future point in your life.  All other belongings should be sold or discarded.  This is not only the foundation for an accessible unit, but also a great way to save money.  There is no point in paying extra for a bigger storage locker if all it will be holding is junk. 

Once you’ve narrowed down your belongings to just the important essentials, organize them into boxes depending on category.  For example, all clothing should be placed in one box while kitchen utensils are stored in another.  Make sure your boxes or containers are sturdy so they can be stacked.  Be sure to label each piece afterwards so that you can differentiate them in the future.

Stacking is the most effective way to save space. Put boxes and containers on top of one another instead of scattering them about. Heavier items should be placed on the bottom so they can also act as a reliable base. You may find that once everything is stacked, you have room to create a small walkway within your storage unit. By building a walkway, you’re creating a path to the back of your locker so that you can get to certain items easier. Otherwise, you’d be forced to drag all your belongings out of the unit so you may gain access to the back area each time. Walkways are most effective when created down the centre of the unit.

Make sure belongings that require frequent access are stored towards the front of the unit.  These may include items like kitchen utensils, sports equipment or clothing.  Meanwhile, mattresses or furniture can be housed towards the back.

After following these tips, create a maintenance schedule for your storage unit.  This schedule will serve as a helpful reminder to go back and re-assess your belongings.  Often times, our lives will undergo significant changes over the years and we will find ourselves entering different stages.  That’s why it’s a good idea to visit your storage locker and purge any belongings you will no longer need.  For example, consider selling those boxes of old baby clothes if you and your spouse don’t plan on having any more children.  Or perhaps that couch no longer suits your tastes and can be donated to the church. 

Ultimately, the suggestions above will help ease the emotional burden that often comes with owning so many “things”.  An accessible and organized storage locker is guaranteed to bring you that much-desired peace of mind. 

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