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Best tips for packing valuablesIdeally, valuables would be stored in a locked vault at a high-security bank. Because not everyone is Tom Cruise, and many valuable things are larger than diamonds and microchips, this can’t always be the case. Storage lockers are the high-security bank vault for normal people. When storing your valuable items, remember:

Wrap valuables carefully so they don’t depreciate.  Oil all joints and shine all surfaces before placing a valuable item in its container. You want them in tip-top shape when you come to get them.

If your valuable item is not, strictly speaking, yours, consider purchasing it or otherwise enacting lawful ownership before trying to store it someplace under your name.

Protect your item from movement. Softly wrap a delicate piece of artwork and secure it against a wall or between heavier things. Lock the wheels of a bike together, or lock it to something ungainly. Keep a TV on the floor so it doesn’t have anywhere to fall if it gets bumped.

A single glass case with a spotlight on your valuable item tends to draw attention to something you’d rather not have stolen. Consider a tasteful opaque case tucked into an unassuming armoire or box.

If you’re keeping a timepiece, let it wind down or turn it off. No one wants to hear the gonging of Grandfather Pembrooke’s haunted clock in the brightly lit cement hallways of a storage facility. Be considerate of your fellow storage users.

On that note, don’t store things that go bad. There are many valuable foodstuffs and animal products that won’t stand the test of time.

While children are extremely valuable, they don’t store well. Lack of ventilation, playground and scholarly instruction make a storage facility a poor place for them. Additionally, if they’re starting to go bad, keep them away.

These are all tips for the storage of the valuable itself, but it is important to remember the other aspect of storage: you. Keep your valuables safe by keeping your storage space yours. Don’t give your key to strangers. Remember where your storage facility is located (i.e. which one it is). Pay your storage fees on time so no one has to go repossessing your storage space. Don’t go into arrears. Don’t put a giant keychain on your storage key that says EASILY TRANSPORTED/FENCED GOODS. Don’t brag to bartenders, concierges or wait staff about your Cave of Wonders unless you have concrete plans to take them there.

Follow these simple tips and even Tom Cruise will be foiled.

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