Oct 17
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Many homeowners want to move into a smaller home, or even “downsize” the amount of clutter that they have accumulating around the house.  Downsizing the home has become popular as people are looking to live more affordably and reduce the items that they are running out of space for around the home.

While many choose to sell off their household items, for others, there are things that simply may need to be used again another day. If space is an issue, self-storage units have proven to be an effective solution for keeping items safe until they are once again required. Some examples of items that homeowners might want to consider a self-storage unit for include: 

  • Boxes of tax returns and personal documents
  • Baby clothes that may one day be needed again
  • Inventory for a small business
  • Furniture such as sofas and bookshelves
  • Exercise Equipment

Choosing to store unused items that have accumulated around the home will help to keep the household organized, without having to get rid of items that may need to be used again in the future. Finding the right self-storage location and using it to the best of its organizational capacity should be based around a few key factors such as:

1. A storage facility located close to the home

If you are planning on visiting your self-storage unit to bring more items, or to re-claim your assets when they are needed, it is ideal to choose a location close to your current residence. This way, visiting the self-storage location will not be a huge inconvenience and the unit can be used more frequently, during errands such as grocery shopping and dropping the kids off at school.

2. Storing Around the Parameter of the Unit

The best organizational tip for using a self-storage unit is to begin placing items around the outer edges of the space and work your way in. There are two advantages to this strategy. The first is that the unit will look neater, opposed to placing items just anywhere in the space. The second advantage is if you suddenly find yourself with a large item that needs to be stored, there will be a generous space right in the middle of the unit. This will save a ton of time that it would otherwise take to clear a space and instead, the item can be dropped off, completely hassle free.

3. Store Everything in your Unit

The best thing about having a self-storage unit is that you do not have to make the choice to sell or not. By keeping your possessions, but not having them around the house, you have the opportunity to live a much simpler lifestyle. If everything is stored that is not currently in use, everyday chores become much more streamlined, and there is never any worry of accumulating clutter that can cause a house to look messy and disorganized, despite the homeowner’s best efforts.



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