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Hidden GemsThere’s an old adage, you have to spend money to make money, and in the storage locker industry it definitely holds true.

Like a lottery ticket, a purchased storage locker can be of great dividends. The reality TV hit “Storage Wars” has opened the eyes of the financial windfall that can arise in the purchase of the enclosed space filled with random items.

This article will present some of the greatest gems ever found in a story locker.

  1. American celebrity auctioneers seen on the aforementioned ‘wars’, Dan and Laura Dotson sold a foreclosed locker for 1000 dollars in 2011, that grand pales in comparison to what was inside.
  2. The sale of the locker in Contra Costa, California featured ‘Pieces of Eight Spanish Gold’, in other words pirate treasure from the 16th and 19th century. The case holding the coins was so large that it required a troop of three people to carry out.

    The coins were reportedly appraised at $500,000…Now THAT’S an investment.

  3. In Lower Hutt, New Zealand a lute made in 1927 was found.
  4. …but it wasn’t just any lute. The string instrument famous for sound tracking the renaissance was made by renowned luthier Arnold Dolmetsch and was intended for musician Diana Poulton.

    The fortune gained from selling the lute? $3100 in 2013

    Collecting cash for a rarely used instrument found in a locker? That would be music to anyone’s ears

  5. A man in Pittsburgh got a bargain on a unit due to the unbearable odor emanating from inside of it. His 150 dollars gave him possession of a limited edition Van Cleef and Arpels pin.
  6. The pin was reportedly only one of 50 made in the world and was valued at 21,000 dollars.

    See, this just shows that you should never judge a book by its cover or…well, a storage locker by its smell.

  7. A man went viral on YouTube when he made a video trying to capture his attempt to open of a safe obtained in the purchase of a locker. His intention was to expose that safes are almost always empty, but what he found was much richer than what he anticipated.
  8. Just over $26,400 richer…

    Mike De Haas, his fancy and power drill are the centre of a hilarious financial find, which came off an 800-dollar storage locker. Talk about irony.

  9. A 300 purchase of a locker in Boston netted a couple dollars off of their finding of two pieces of Scrimshaw. The pieces, which were actually walrus tusks demand north of 4000 dollars.
  10. The Scrimshaw, rare in both appearance and use, truly represents the old expression, “a person’s trash is another’s treasure”

Finding the world’s greatest jackpot in a storage locker is like playing the slots or tables in Las Vegas, the highest spenders aren’t always the highest winners but there is a definite need for luck and the right amount of risk for success in finding the most out of others’ old possessions.

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