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Secure Storage LockersIf you are located in the Greater Toronto Area and need affordable options for storage, see why Security Self-Serve Storage is the ideal choice. We offer a wide variety of storage lockers, ranging from 5’x5’ to 10’x30’. We pride ourselves on having the best rates around. In fact, we researched the rates of our competitors and confirmed that we in fact that we do have the lowest storage prices in town. So if you need a place to store your extra items – from electronics and furniture to clothing and bicycles – we have the best pricing options. Compare our prices to those of our competitors and see for yourself.

Unit Sizes and Prices

Our smallest unit – the 5’x5’ – is priced at $79/month. Our competitors price theirs at $114.99 – a $35.99 difference. The savings increase from there as you choose larger spaces. Our competitors charge $179.99 for a 5’x10’ space. We charge $123 – a difference of $56.99. The 8’x10’ goes for $156/month, while our competitors charge more than $100 more, at $259.99. For a 10’x15’ space, the difference is $73.99/month, with our rate still cheaper, at $266. With the 10’x20’ space, you save $110/month – $329 vs. $439.99. Finally, our largest unit saves you the most money every month. We charge $428 for the 10’x30’ space, while the competition charges $579.99.

Savings Over Time

This is huge savings over a one-year period. Just by renting the smallest unit from us over a competitor, you can save more than $430/year – that’s a car payment, credit card payment or a month’s worth of groceries. When you rent our largest unit for a year, you save more than $1,800, which could be a mortgage payment.

Other Benefits

Besides competitive everyday pricing, we also offer free storage for one month and flexible rental terms. Choose the locker size you need and if your situation changes, you can easily upgrade or downgrade. You can also choose short term storage – for several months – or longer term storage for many years. On top of that, we offer safe and secure storage facilities to give you peace of mind.

Experience the Difference

See why we are the best choice for your storage needs in the Greater Toronto area. We offer safe and secure storage options at competitive rates. Contact us to see how we can best store your extra stuff.

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