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Your Storage UnitAlmost everybody would benefit from offsite self-storage in some way. The only thing stopping most people is the price tag attached. After all, it can be hard to justify spending $50-$200 a month on extra storage when you’re already spending a small fortune on mortgage payments or rent. What most people don’t realize however, is how easy it is to turn change your storage unit from an expenditure, to a means of profit. Got your attention? Keep reading.

Personal Use

Store Now, Sell Later

How many have you held onto old games and toys, collectible chinaware, or vintage clothing for years in hopes that it will be worth more in the future, only to eventually toss it out or sell it at your next garage sale because you simply don’t have room for it? Three words: don’t do it! Vintage and antique items have never been trendier, and there’s a good chance that your odds and ends will be worth significantly more money in a few years. If you don’t have space to keep them in your home, simply place them in offsite storage and watch your profits multiply.

Retail Use

Store Seasonal Items

If you’ve ever ran your own, or even just worked at a retail store, you know how frustrating it is to deal with out-of-season stock. In the blink of an eye it’s summer, and you’ve still got racks and racks of knitted sweaters and parkas cluttering up your store. Instead of cutting profit margins by getting rid of excess stock in clearance sales, put it in an off-site storage unit for a few months, and bring it out again when it’s back in season!

Store Excess Stock

On a similar note, offsite storage is a great place to keep excess stock even if it is in season. Rent on retail spaces in high traffic areas can be exorbitant—especially if you’re looking for a space large enough to both sell and store. Save your money and retail space by keeping extra stock in a self-storage unit and transporting it to the store as you need it.


Save Working Space

Small and large business alike waste tonnes of money by renting out office space that they don’t really need, just for the purpose of storing unused electronics and files. Rather than keeping these items in high-demand and high-rent office-space, keep it in a storage unit! You’ll have more room to work, and most importantly, you’ll save money.

Convinced yet? Thought so. And to think, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to making a profit off of your storage unit!

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