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Right Sized Storage LockerYou’ve bought your storage unit only to find that half your stuff fits in, even when you pack it to the roof. You can easily prevent this from happening if you do a little bit of planning and measurements before picking out a unit.

Storage lockers come in a range of sizes, so there’s one out there that will fit with all your stuff in it. Here’s a few tips on picking a storage locker that will store all your stuff and give you some extra space to move around with.

List It

Start by creating a list of everything you want to store. Having a list will prevent you from forgetting items and then having to add them later when you suddenly remember.

Space Conservation

Once you know every item you want to keep in the storage locker, you can start to consider their sizes and weights. If you have the time, measure the length, width and height of everything you plan on storing. You can find out how much square footage of items you have by multiplying length x width x height. Add up the answers, and you have your square footage of storage.

For weight considerations, think about the items that can be stored on top of one another. Some may be awkwardly shaped or much too heavy and will need their own space. Try different boxes and containers to see which ones give you the maximum use of your storage space.

Once you have your square footage, add some room to the space so everything fits in comfortably. This number will give you the lowest possible square footage for your storage locker.

Accessing the Locker

Are you planning on putting items in and removing them only once? If this is the case, you can probably get away with adding no extra space for access. If you think you may have to go into the storage locker and find a single item, it’s best to add some extra room for walking around. If you don’t, you’ll find yourself taking every box and container out just to get to one item. Try keeping the items you plan on storing long-term together, and the items you plan on storing short-term together.

When packing your belongings in a storage unit, always keep in mind how you are going to access any item should you need it in the future.

Storing your belongings in a storage locker can be a nightmare if you haven’t prepared for it properly. By doing a little bit of preparation, you will save yourself the headache of having a storage locker that is near impossible to navigate through.

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