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Store Fragile Items One of the most challenging aspects of moving and storing your possessions is packing fragile items safely and securely. The two most important factors in making sure your fragile items are packed safely are that the items cannot move around inside the box and that the box is structurally sound. To achieve both of these factors, simply follow these guidelines for wrapping and boxing your possessions:


Start by wrapping the item in soft tissue paper. Make sure any particularly delicate or thin areas (such as the stems of wine glasses) are given extra padding by surrounding them with cotton balls. Use a bit of plastic wrap to keep the inner wrapping in place and the move on to the bubble wrap.

Place the item diagonally across one corner of your sheet of bubble wrap, lift the corner and tuck it over the item. Begin rolling towards the middle of the sheet of bubble wrap and then fold the top and bottom of your sheet in towards the middle. This will prevent the item from slipping out. Continue rolling until your item is completely wrapped and secure the bubble wrap with more plastic wrap or tape. Wrap each object this way and then choose an appropriately sized box.


Select a box that is large enough to allow for at least two inches of padding on each side as well as the top and bottom. Start by taping up the bottom of the box to ensure stability and prevent flaps from catching or tearing. Next, fill the box with a couple of inches of packing peanuts and carefully place first item inside. Be sure not to place any items too close to the sides of the box or to each other. If packing multiple levels of items, be sure to use sufficient padding between each layer and put heavier items at the bottom and lighter items on top.

Make sure to fill any space between items with plenty of packing peanuts and finish off the box with another couple of inches of them. Push gently on the top of the peanuts to ensure the box is full: remember that a box with air pockets means your items will shift and move and might be damaged. Tape the box closed to maximize stability and be sure to label it!

To pack something extremely delicate, pack it on its own inside a small box as described above and then place that box inside a larger box with several inches of packing peanuts on each side. This will provide an extra level of protection from sudden bumps.

I hope you find these tips helpful! If you have anything to add, please let us know in the comments!

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