Sep 28
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The 21st century has seen, among other things, an increased growth in the use of storage facilities. It seems that everywhere one looks, a storage unit company can be found. Signs like “a cluttered house does not sell” are advertised to homeowners in the process of selling their home. Businesses can also benefit from these services. When relocating, the need to store items for periods of time necessitates a place for inventory. This is why a storage facility is a very wise investment for those that have the funds to do so. The housing market has seen an upturn. Real estate is growing, and more people are buying and selling their homes.

The self-storage industry has increased significantly in the last decade, and shows no signs of slowing down. This begs the question. Why? Simply put, when times are tough in the economy, storing belongings or inventory is a must have. This goes both ways. Due to the economy, many people have resorted to moving in with friends or relatives. In most cases, this means that not all of one’s belongings can come with. When one does not want to sell the latter, and intends on getting their own place down the road, the option of long term storage is very attractive. Likewise, when a business is forced to close, they will need a place to store their inventory until they can either start up again or decide to sell off their assets.

A main reason why storage services have become increasingly popular is due to the competitive pricing available on the market. Due to the fact that there are literally thousands of storage companies in business, renters have the benefit of shopping around for the best price. This in turn forces storage companies to lower their prices or offer discounts. Spending $50 a month to keep one’s belongings intact can be a very enticing option, especially when forced to store or sell. An industry that rakes in billions of dollars each year is definitely one that exhibits success.

The key reason for this success is one that you may or may not be like, but it is the truth. America is ranked highest in the world for consumerism. Americans like stuff. The ability to purchase stuff in high volume leads to excessiveness. This in turn leads to the problem of storage. Where is one to put all of the furniture and television sets that have magically accumulated? The option of selling tends to be a very tough one for most Americans to accept, so they will rather pay a fee to keep their belongings. These monthly fees have led to one of the most successful commercial industries present today. So long as people continue to buy stuff, storage companies will continue to grow. It is quite amazing to look how far the industry has come in the last 10 years. The statistics do not lie. There has been an exponential increase in the use of these services, and it will be interesting to see what the future will hold.

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