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Tips for Storing Valuables in A Storage LockerAlthough many people tend to feel wary about placing valuables in a storage locker, there are times when it is necessary to store belongings like this in a unit.  One of the best ways to keep your valuables safe is to choose a reputable storage provider that makes security a top concern. 

If you know that you will be storing valuables in your unit, visit the premises in person before agreeing to a locker over the phone.  Make sure that the company can provide 24/7 security controls and that alarm systems are in place.  Good storage facilities will require customers to enter the grounds using an access code.  The area should also be gated and well-lit to prevent would-be thieves from breaking into your unit. 

When it comes to placing valuables inside the locker, always make sure to hide them in the back of the unit.  You should then place less expensive belongings or furniture items in front of those valuables to make them less accessible.

Always protect these items in a well-packaged box, but avoid drawing attention to the fact that there are special belongings in that particular container.  Security experts say these boxes should never be labeled.  And if they are, innocuous wording should be always be used.  

Invest in a padlock that cannot be easily tampered with.  A retailer that specializes in security items will be able to sell you a quality device. 

Once your valuables have been secured, avoid telling friends and acquaintances that your precious belongings are being housed in a storage locker.  You may find yourself innocently pointing out that an old family heirloom or antique clock is currently gathering dust in a storage unit.  But seemingly vague information like that can get into the wrong hands.  It is better to be overly cautious than to discover that your valuables are missing down the line.

Overall, it is best to only store valuables that you absolutely cannot keep in your home.  Although it may be tempting to let bulkier artifacts sit in storage long-term, this is only a temporary solution.  Try and retrieve valuables as soon as you are able to accommodate them in your home. 

Until then, make sure your storage provider is a trusted company that takes your items seriously.  And don’t skimp out on security to save a few extra dollars.  It is always advisable to pay a little extra if it means your valuables will be stored in a safe and well-secured facility.          

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