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Relocating in the near future? Here are ten great tips to ensure your move is seamless:

1) Start as early as possible. The more planning and careful packing you do ahead of time, the less stress you’ll face on the day of the actual move. Begin by packing items or rooms that you use infrequently, such as a dining room or living room.

2) Have more supplies than you think you will need. Begin accumulating your supplies long before your prospective move date. Nothing is more frustrating than having to stop in the middle of a packing and moving endeavor to run to the store for some extra boxes or tape, and it is incredibly easy to find a new home for unused moving supplies.

3) While you may be tempted to stop by your local grocery store and pick up some free boxes, recognize that the quality of these boxes will be vastly inferior to new, specialized boxes. While they may be fine for lighter, not easily damaged items, you will want to invest in stronger cardboard containers for fragile items and dishware.

4) Plan for your new home while you are packing your old one. If you think you will arrange your furniture or other items differently in your new home, account for that in your packing. Boxes should be filled based on the arrangement of the new home.

5) Put items into storage. If your new home doesn’t have the capacity to hold all of your belongings, they can be kept safe and undamaged within a secured storage facility. Your moving company should be able to stop by your storage unit for you to drop things off before dropping you off at your new home.

6) Call around to several moving companies and get a number of quotes. While you don’t necessarily want to go with the cheapest option available, you should get a good idea of the market prices in your area. Also, ask about availability. Many moving companies book up well in advance of a move date, and you will have to make a reservation accordingly.

7) Research your prospective moving company. If you will be hiring movers, check with the Better Business Bureau, a local consumer advocacy group or a community rating website like Yelp to make sure they are well reviewed and legitimate.

8) Call and activate utilities and internet at your new place ahead of time. You’ll want hot water and electricity after a long day of moving.

9) Do a thorough clean of your new home before you move in. Odds are you won’t be able to get at a lot of those corners again, so give them a good once over while you still can.

10) Purge. Take this opportunity to get rid of all the junk you’ve been holding on to but never use. Now is a great time for a tag sale.

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