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There are a number of belongings that people opt to put in storage and some of those things can be very precious and delicate items. While many people understand that it is important to pack these things securely, some do not know the best way to ensure that their fragile items will not become broken while transporting or moving their things to storage. Here are a few Tips for Packing Fragile Itemstips to ensure that your fragile belongings will arrive safely.

Always Layer

Layering the bottom of the box that you plan to pack the item in is absolutely critical to packing fragile items appropriately. Bubble wrap is a good option because it creates a cushioned barrier between the item and the bottom of the box. This can make it a little less likely that your item will become broken by being set down too hard during the moving process.

Start Heavy

If you plan to pack several fragile things together, always begin with the heaviest item on the bottom and then work your way up to the lightest article. This will guarantee that your heaviest belongings do not crush the lighter ones.

Wrap Separately

When packing several smaller items together such as dishes or glass, always opt to pack each article separately with bubble wrap or newspaper. This will protect each item from banging against each other during the move. You may even want to use a small piece of tape to securely fasten the wrapping to the item so that it does not break free.

Fill in Empty Spaces

Most likely, when you pack fragile items you will have free space between the items. This is why it is important to fill the empty spaces with some kind of material so that the items are less likely to shift around during the move. Some people opt to use Styrofoam pellets or even wads of newspaper.

Pack in Smaller Boxes

If something is particularly important to you, you should consider packing it separately or in a smaller box with like items. This will make it less likely for the item to become damaged by other things.

Include Final Wrapping

Just as you placed a wrapping over the bottom of the box, you should do so with a top wrapping as well. This will be the final attempt to protect your most fragile items as you move them around. This will provide a top barrier to anything that may be placed on top of the box by accident.

Always Label

Labeling may be the most important part of packing up fragile items. You should always clearly label each box as fragile so that you know how to handle the boxes at a later date. Also, it will help you avoid stacking heavier boxes on top of your fragile belongings.

Following these simple tips will help protect your fragile belongings in storage or during a move. While it may take a few extra minutes to pack your items appropriately, it will save you the disappointment of your fragile items becoming broken or damaged later.

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