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Storage lockers can be used for more than just personal storage. In fact, business owners immensely benefit from the low cost offerings a storage locker presents for their business. As a business owner, how can you mobilize a storage locker in your own dealings and reap the benefits of this useful asset?

1) Use a locker instead of leasing more real estate
As a growing business, you may soon find yourself bursting at the seams of your current office or business space. Record retention regulations of your industry may require you to hold on to boxes and boxes of documents for years after they become inactive, filling up filing cabinets and cluttering up valuable floor space. Maybe you’re hiring on new staff, and that room formerly used as a storage closet needs to be converted to additional office space. While leasing more office space or on-site storage are two options to deal with office overflow, these options can be extremely costly and unsustainable in the long run. Instead, consider sending your overflow to a secure off-site storage locker. Significantly less costly than on-site storage options, you can free up office space and present a cleaner appearance for customers and clients.

2) Use a locker to store seasonal or over-stock items
A storage locker is a great option for retail businesses.  As Summer becomes Fall and so on, the nature of your stock will shift accordingly.  But what do you do with all your unsold winter coats once the temperature goes up?  Rather than overloading your on-site stockroom, an off-site storage locker is a great alternative.  Whether storing holiday decorations, seasonal merchandise or overstocked items, a storage locker is a cheap, accessible and effective way of keeping your stock safe until the following year.

3) Use a locker while your office is renovated
Office renovations are also a great time to look into a business storage locker. The inherent messiness that comes coupled with any construction project can pose significant risks for items around the office. Documents may accidentally get wet, expensive office furniture may have paint dripped on it and additional obstructions make it hard to maneuver around the office. By transferring office contents to a storage locker, you keep everything safe from damage and debris during your office renovation.

4) Use a locker for sensitive documents needing added security
Sometimes the security of our office or business space is not adequate to ensure the safety of particularly sensitive materials.  In cases like these, an added-security storage locker may be beneficial for your business.  Security Self Serve Storage offers customers both a physical key and an electronic access code for their unit.  All movement is logged within the computer system so you can see exact times that your locker was accessed.  The facility also has 24-hour video surveillance, security lighting, insurance options and an on-site manager during business hours.

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