Nov 15
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Most students who go away for university and college live in dorm rooms or very small apartments. Living in such small quarters does not leave much room for their belongings. If a student has a lot of possessions, they should consider renting a storage locker. A storage locker will keep their things safe until they have room for them again. However, the majority of students do not have a lot money and might think that they do not have the money to rent a storage unit. It is true that some storage units can be pricey, but not all of them are like that. Many students choose to store their possessions over the summer when they go home. Storage lockers are especially useful when a student goes to school far away from home.

Take Security Self-Serve Storage, for example. Our storage facility has been in the Toronto area for over 30 years and offers some of the most affordable rates around. Our smallest storage locker only costs $75.00 a month, which is about $40.00 cheaper than our competitors. Students who only make a few hundred dollars a month can definitely afford this storage facility’s prices. Security Self-Serve Storage also offers students great discounts, which saves them even more money.

Here are some other reasons why students love Security Self-Serve Storage.

The First Month Is Free

If the already cheap rates and students discounts were not enough, Security Self-Serve Storage also does not charge for the first month. College students will not have to pay a dime for the first month they use the storage unit, saving them even more money.

The Facility Is Secure

College students are attached to their belongings just like anyone else, so they want to make sure they are safe. Security Self-Serve Storage’s facility is very secure with its appropriate lighting, computerized access codes, gates and 24-hour surveillance. When students rent a storage locker at this facility, they will feel confident that their possessions will not get stolen.

The Facility Is Conveniently Located

College students are always busy, so they need a storage facility that is conveniently located. Security Self-Serve Storage is located just five minutes from downtown Toronto and is very easy to get to. Students do not have to drive out of their way when they need to get something out of their storage locker.

The Facility Is Open 24 Hours a Day

Many students take classes during the day and work at night, so they can’t go to their storage locker whenever they want. Security Self-Serve Storage is open 24 hours a day, so students can go there anytime they want. Our storage facility is even open during holidays.

College students definitely have a lot of reasons to love Security Self-Serve Storage. It is very affordable for them, easy to get to, conveniently located and open 24 hours a day. If you are a student who is looking for an affordable and secure storage locker, do not hesitate to give Security Self-Serve Storage a call today. Tell them that you are a student and they will be happy to give you their most affordable rate.

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